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Adam Matthews

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I first started writing for zines in 2002 when I was 15. I wrote an article called "Only Human" for a local indie zine called iii. I also started writing for Delusions of Adequacy when I was 15. I graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in December 2008. Now, I work for a company specializing in neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring. I monitor the integrity of neurological structures during surgeries.

My music staples are The Whitest Boy Alive, Minus the Bear, The Album Leaf, Ratatat (and similar bands), Why?, and a host of emo/punk/indie, electronic, and screamo/hardcore music. My favorite music tends to have electronic elements and driven by synthesizers. I fell in love with synthesizers when I first heard Reggie and the Full Effect's Promotional Copy. Sometimes I get stuck in my music bubble and I end up listening to the same stuff I listened to 5 years ago. I'm very open-minded, but I've also realized I am very particular about music I can continue enjoying, even if I generally enjoyed it the first couple times.

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