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Owls Are Not – 2

Listening to the five tracks on 2, the second release from the Warsaw, Poland based Owls Are Not, I had a definite sensation of déjà vu. The frantic synth squalls, the virulent drumming, the random vocal and other samples and the actual tunes, all of it sounded distantly familiar, the various elements that make up the Owls Are Not sound each … [Read more...]

Owls – Two

It’s difficult to write good music that ventures outside the boundaries of traditional popular music.  Popular music, on the other hand, is relatively easy to write. Since popular music deals in chord sets and forms that exert a proven visceral pull on the listener, it has a built-in direction and clarity.  This is part of what makes it popular … [Read more...]

Jowls – Cursed EP

Keeping up with the D.I.Y. ethos so readily found in punk rock and hardcore music is something that, with the explosion of digital music, has become easier for many musicians, allowing them to promote and share their music to a nearly unlimited audience. And with the backing of a small, independent record label that subscribes to the same creed, … [Read more...]

Jowls – Cursed EP

The stark truth is that technology is taking over mainstream media and music. From the iPhone to digital downloads there seems to be little need for raw copies of artist’s music. But how do we fully separate ourselves from solely using this medium of music travel? I’m not sure you can, and although the band Jowls is involved in these modes of music … [Read more...]

Wow, Owls! – Pick Your Patterns

Wow, Owls!Pick Your PatternsThis review of Wow,Owls! debut CD Pick Your Patterns could read like the final installment in a history lesson of Virginia/DC hardcore from the mid-90s through the present. In the past weeks I've reviewed records from similar sounding but now defunct bands Stop It!! and Helen of Troy. All of these bands borrow heavily … [Read more...]

The Red – Let’s Not and Say We Did

The RedLet’s Not and Say We DidIn one of the more bizarre releases of the year, in concept and execution rather than sound, the Red’s debut is a baffling mixture of acoustic pop-rock, tactless come-ons, and white-boy soul posturing. Creating an unholy crossroads where Robert Plant stands, shirt open from the waist up, and twists his golden locks … [Read more...]

Stellarscope – Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost

How would you expect psych-rock veterans Stellarscope to begin their newest album? Opening track "Don't Belong" growls along in a way that anyone already familiar with their music would recognise almost instantly. The rattling drum sound, hissing electronics and Tom Lugos' distinctive vocals are all present although as things progress, it … [Read more...]

Rhododendron – One

Since parking his Dollboy alias in 2014, Oliver Cherer has hit a potent purple patch; via his solo-trading pastoralism, within the multi-headed Silver Servants, inside the motorik diversions of The Wrestler, through the electro-primitivism of The Assistant and - most strikingly - with the far from flowery Rhododendron. Initially conceived as a … [Read more...]

Lyndzie Taylor – Phoenix

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Lyndzie Taylor already has 3 EPs (one of which was released when she was still a teenager) and an album to her name and she’s now set dominate the indie-pop field with her second full-length titled Phoenix.  While only a mere five songs long, Phoenix is chock full of energetic and reflective numbers that revel in catchy … [Read more...]

Vile Display of Humanity – Vile Display of Humanity

The members of the thrash metal/punk rock band Vile Display of Humanity are originally from Chicago, Illinois, but they moved to Seattle, Washington to have a fresh go at it, unleashing their 20-track, 100% DIY, self-titled album this past spring.  Like minds Doug Mitchell (vocals), Jake Youngberg (vocals, guitar), David Foster (lead guitar), Marty … [Read more...]