New Sincerity Works – Wonder Lust

New Sincerity Works – Wonder Lust

Cincinnati, Ohio-based New Sincerity Works originated in the summer of 2014 via Mike Tittel of The Loud Family and The Roger Klug Power Trio.  Tittel (songwriter, vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards) is joined by Roger Klug (guitar, vocals), Lauren Bray (vocals, keyboards), Greg Tudor (drums, vocals, pedal steel), Bob Nyswonger (bass, vocals), and Mike Landis (guitar, keyboards, mixing), all veteran musicians from other bands.

Power-pop, Americana, and space-rock all vie for dominance, but settle for synergistic co-existence on the heartfelt and uplifting Wonder Lust.  Love, the tricky, yet worthwhile nature of relationships, and well, yes, lust, all figure into the record’s themes.

Opener “I’ve Got You” is dreamily propelled by a strong rhythm section and briskly strummed guitars.  Tittel sings in a straightforward, folky tone, “I’m getting lost in the right direction / There’s no need for a course correction / …I found you.”, burnished by hazy harmonies and guitar chime. Power-popper “Just Like Vapor” drives by with low-end bass, jingling tambourines, hard-beaten drums, and wild guitar squiggles.  More electric six-string squawk covers the second half as Tittel confesses, “I can’t explain why you chose me / There’s not much value I can bring.”

The slightly more low-key “Midwest Reverie” gives a shout-out to the band’s hometown of Cincinnati, and also Kentucky and Alabama.  It’s filled with steely guitar strum and keyboard blips before segueing into a mellow lope as Tittel sings with sincerity, “…the best is overrated when you’re lovin’ what you have.” The Americana-tinged title-track is a wide-eyed look at falling in love, running on a restless bass-line and dynamic drumming.  Guitar twang and vocal harmonies surround Tittel as he smoothly exudes the lines, “…enjoy the context / It’s more than just a conquest this time.”

The lush folky “To Be Kissed Like That” swings on by with ringing steel guitar reverb, a gently bouncing bass and drums rhythm, and crashing cymbals.  Backed by swaying harmonies that intone, “You deserve…”, Tittel finishes the thought, declaring, “…to fee the extremes / …everything in between / To be the next big thing.”

Every song off new album Wonder Lust hums with a bright, lively energy as the troupe throws their all into the heady sonic mix.