Phil Lomac – “Don’t Know What Love Is”

Phil Lomac – Northern Cities Southern Stars

Veteran Phil Lomac has been an essential part of several bands over the years and is equally at home in the reflective singer-songwriter mold and the dynamic rock ‘n’ roller.  Stints in bands like The Brown Root Seed Company, Ron Neill & the Eleventh Hour, and showcased his lead guitar and vocal prowess.

He eventually started on the solo artist route, recording a couple of albums, before co-founding the Chicago-based band Lovely Tyrants, and then taking a break from the music world.  Lomac’s recent album Northern Cities Southern Stars marks his return as a solo artist.

Lomac blends the realms of city and country music on this 7-track LP, a 100% DIY production that is held together by his strong songwriting and emotions.  A highlight from Northern Cities Southern Stars is “Don’t Know What Love Is”, a lyrics-centered lament that mixes country/folk guitars and symphonic strings to rich effect.

Lomac’s vocals are at their softest here as he contemplates a relationship that has gone wrong.  Twangy guitars and starlight percussion kick off the song which then deepens with lush, bittersweet strings, hushed cymbal crash, and a contrasting jaunty drum beat.  Lomac bemoans the fact that, “The future’s unknown / Sit back and watch it fade.”

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