Les Techno – “Trophy Wife”

Les Techno – Whatever Happened To Les Techno?

New York City’s Les Techno, who specializes in satirical songwriting, takes a swipe at Ivanka Trump for being a trophy wife (and daughter) on his lyrically-stinging new single and matching music video.  “Trophy Wife” comes off of the artist’s recent EP Whatever Happened to Les Techno?, which was released this past May.

The DIY artist plays all the instruments and sings on the song, as well as helming its production.  The video is a collage montage of images of American flags, the White House, and pics and footage of Ivanka, smiling and waving as if nothing were wrong with the Divided States of America.  It seems like when you’re rich and in power, nothing else matters except staying rich and in power, instead of helping the people you represent.

Techno seizes on this political/social disparity and delivers cutting lines like, “You built a wall around your past / Gave up your convictions” and “You reached the point of selling your soul / For a small piece of empire,” amid spacey psych guitar noodling and a funky yet laid-back drum beat.

Techno is no stranger to the music biz, having played in various punk-rock bands, collaborated on hip-hop tracks, and written and produced dance hall and techno records.  He was most recently part of the NYC band The New Irrelevants.

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