Alarma – “Chaingang”

Alarma – World Ignition

Los Angeles-based Alarma brings a vivid variety of world music styles to its energetic and laid-back songs that feature on recent album World Ignition.  The current line-up of Alarma is Pedro Martinez (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Alessandro Morosin (guitars, back-up vocals), Greg Panos, and Eduardo Sandoval (drums, percussion). The band members all bring a catchy fire to their tunes that span the Latin, reggae, ska, Afrian, and Middle Eastern genres.  Alarma previously released a self-titled EP of Latin rock sung in Spanish and 2014’s full-length Ripe ConditionsWorld Ignition was mixed and engineered by Jeff Raly, produced by Pedro Martinez and Rayl, and mastered at Digiprep Mastering in Silver Lake, California.

One of the more breezy tunes off the album is “Chaingang”.  It sways with a casual tropical groove and swims in rhythmic acoustic guitar, reflective keyboard notes, shaken and tinging percussion, and plump drum beats.  Martinez’s straightforward voice is bolstered by Morosin’s harmonic accompaniment as he intones, “Thought my life was made wrong / But the chain gang taught me / That my will was made strong…” and he eventually breaks free from his bonds.

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