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Freddie Nelson – “Light”

Freddie Nelson just dropped his critically acclaimed album Shake The Cage earlier this July.  The Pittsburgh, PA native is not only a singer-songwriter and guitarist, but also a producer.  Nelson has made a name for himself in previous bands; the hard rock act Triple X and rock outfit Too Tall Jones.  He also collaborated with Paul Gilbert of Racer … [Read more...]

Roja – “Company” / “Bad Romance”

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Roja has found its niche in the sparsely filled mariachi-led music field.  Taking its cues from traditional Mexican compositions, Americana , and the renowned Ennio Morricone, Roja marches forward with a throwback sound. Roja recently released its double single that features an original song and a mariachi cover, … [Read more...]

Curanderos – self-tilted

Initially available on limited gold vinyl amidst this year’s Record Store Day releases avalanche, this debut - and possibly one-off - outing from Curanderos, was probably only picked-up by the most dedicated and cash-rich collector of all things psych-rock.  A super-side-project of sorts, the group captures the conjoining of Bardo Pond’s guitarist … [Read more...]

Secret Colours – Dream Dream

Finding what I needed to know about the creators of Dream Dream began ordinarily enough. Their band website has much in the way of media and photography, and a discography revealed that Dream Dream is in fact the fourth Secret Colours full-length release. Then the band statement which had much to say regarding Secret Colours' influences, a Chicago … [Read more...]

Les Techno – “Trophy Wife”

New York City's Les Techno, who specializes in satirical songwriting, takes a swipe at Ivanka Trump for being a trophy wife (and daughter) on his lyrically-stinging new single and matching music video.  “Trophy Wife” comes off of the artist’s recent EP Whatever Happened to Les Techno?, which was released this past May. The DIY artist plays all … [Read more...]

Moon Diagrams – Lifetime Of Love

Whilst it was logical enough that Deerhunter’s two singing-guitarists Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt felt the need to divert some of their excess energies into solo projects, with Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza respectively, it was perhaps more improbable that co-founding drummer Moses John Archuleta could justify a side-venture too.  Yet here is his … [Read more...]

The Van Pelt – Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves / Sultans of Sentiment (reissues)

Originally active in an era just before the internet’s culture-finding omnipotence - a time when a slew of awkward yet inspired American underground groups seemed to only exist in the pages of zines like Step Right Up, Damn You! and Comes With A Smile, via word of mouth recommendations and through appearances on cassette mixtapes shared amongst … [Read more...]

Alarma – “Chaingang”

Los Angeles-based Alarma brings a vivid variety of world music styles to its energetic and laid-back songs that feature on recent album World Ignition.  The current line-up of Alarma is Pedro Martinez (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Alessandro Morosin (guitars, back-up vocals), Greg Panos, and Eduardo Sandoval (drums, percussion). The band … [Read more...]

Polypores / Free/Slope / Cosmic Ground

There can’t be many more uniquely productive kitchen-run label operations in London than Polytechnic Youth and Deep Distance right now, as highlighted on these pages with an almost embarrassing frequency.  With a snowballing of adroitly-attuned A&R activity of late, vinyl pressing plants are just about coping with the prolific pace dictated by … [Read more...]

Madrost – The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh

The songs on The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh practically spring out the speakers. The opener, "Eyes of the Deceit", offers an aggressive, double-bass-heavy drum attack with crisp riffing bookended by moments of reverb-laden guitars. The band's marketing material describes Madrost as progressive thrash, but the opening track points to … [Read more...]