Jordan Okrend – “Dance By the Riverside”

Jordan Okrend – Dance By The Riverside

Asheville, North Carolina–based singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend goes by the moniker The Jordan Okrend Experience for his new album, Dance By The Riverside, which came out just last week. Okrend released his debut EP, Unpredictable, in 2010, and followed it up in 2012 with the Rising Up EP and a third EP, World Keeps Turnin’ in 2015.  He has been marked out as one of the new soul revival troubadours who mix traditional approach with modern technique.

On the new LP, Okrend combines his vintage pop chops with a soulful to funky sonic brew and socially astute lyrics.  The album’s jazzed-up title-track, highlighted here, is a peppy blend of old-school rhythm guitar, horn accents, peppering percussion, and a kicky drum beat rubbing up against Okrend’s smoother yet  exclaimed vocals and contemporary electric guitar lines.  Wavering organ lines run through the track sporadically and there’s a lull mid-way that features fluid and expressive saxophone.

“Dance By the Riverside” is given feel-good visual life through a performance music video that focuses on a jammin’ get-together on the banks of the French Broad River in Asheville.

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