Jerad Finck – “New Kids”

Jerad Finck – “New Kids”

Some of the best younger performers emerge from obscurity seemingly fully formed and brimming with possibility for more. Jerad Finck is one of those performers. His latest single “New Kids” consolidates the core success he’s experienced thus far thanks to an exponential growth in his songwriting powers. He has emerged as one of the major music stylists working on the contemporary scene today, but labeling him a stylist should never be confused with shallow depths. There’s plenty of finesse to be heard on “New Kids”, but there’s equally the sound of a superior songwriter and performer capable of marrying an array of seemingly disparate sounds into a greater whole. The lyrical content has real maturity rather than pulling from a grab bag of clichés any longtime listener of popular song would find familiar. Sincerity and skill are what makes memorable music. Jerad Finck’s “New Kids” is one of the best pop songs of 2017, but it’s far more than just pop song.

Perhaps he brings some of the knowledge from his first love, jazz, to bear on the song’s construction and creation. One can definitely hear a bit of that influence in the way that Finck approaches the song in a compositional way rather than trying to ramrod different and, perhaps, not altogether compatible parts into a coherent musical work. The guitar plays a definite role here, but the production is as much of the story as anything else. Finck surrounds the song in just the right amount of post-production effects that lend the recording added theatricality. It’s a worthy stage number and there’s little doubt that Finck ever intends it to be otherwise. One can easily envision Finck accompanied by first rate collaborators capable of taking the song’s accumulative process. “New Kids” achieves its effects in time and never rushes the listener to the track’s inevitable finish.

It has just the right feel to match Finck’s singing and lyrics. The rises and lulls in the music are well timed in the larger context of its duration and Finck brings just the right amount of finesse to each line without ever dominating the recording entirely. His guitar playing is particularly memorable. He has an obvious facility with the instrument, but that facility never expresses itself in a heavy handed or lead footed way. Instead, the guitar playing rises from the mix like another vocalist and embodies the song’s mood with unerring accuracy. Few singles in this style will ever sound so sure of themselves or so powerfully driven. One gets a sense that these are intensely personal musical experiences for Jerad Finck and there’s no question that “New Kids” receives the full force of his engagement both emotionally and technically.


  1. Joy Westmoreland says:

    Totally love this song!!! Very talented artist!!