Eli Raybon – “30 Cents”

Eli Raybon – “30 Cents”

‘80s New Wave revivalist Eli Raybon is at the tail end of his teens but he’s already producing top-notch pop music and will release his latest EP Green on June 23rd.  Raybon has been praised by illustrious outlets like Vice and Paste and has also been featured at Buzzbands LA and Balcony TV.

Musicians comprise a big part of Raybon’s family, including his father and his dad’s cousin, Marty Raybon, of the band Shenandoah.  Raybon picked up the guitar early on and by 16 years of age he was writing songs, and by 17 he was honing his skills at music recording and production.  Since then, Raybon has been performing live and released his debut album, The Machine & My Dilemma.

Although music runs in his blood, Raybon also worked on getting an education in computer science and mathematics at New York University.  But in the end, music won out and Raybon traveled west, headed for the artistic mecca of Los Angeles.

Raybon recently released the single “Unsymmetrical” from Green and has followed it up with the kicky, synth-pop noir number “30 Cents” and its intriguing and fun accompanying video.

The mini-movie clip for “30 Cents”, which was directed by Markus Thorington and produced by Working Brilliantly, plays out like a retro spy film, but unspools backwards in time, giving it an extra mysterious edge.  Raybon is The Man in Green, being chased by a menacing agent and put through the wringer in a series of unusual situations that become clearer as the video runs to its end (or, well, beginning!).

Against ominously glittering synths, a low-register bassline, crashing cymbals, and a sharply slapped drum beat, Raybon anxiously sings about losing his mind and how, “I’m sitting at a stop sign / Waiting for the light to turn green / I wanna go back to where everything made sense…”  Fitting sentiments for an amusingly involving spy/crime caper music video.

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