Afterlife Revival – “Rich In Love”

Afterlife Revival – “Rich In Love”

Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Evan B. Harris records under the music project moniker Afterlife Revival and like the second part of the name implies, the richness of the Americana and country genres runs through Harris’ veins.

Harris is not only a musician, but an artisan as well who creates original illustrations and paintings.  Harris’ music and visual art are tied together as an overall expression of his wild and roaming childhood and the ups and downs of his adult life (including an illness that nearly impaired his vision).

Harris and his band are releasing a single every month that is packaged with digital and physical art.  He is also donating a percentage of the sales to a different non-profit organization each month and performing at benefit shows.

“Rich In Love” is a lightly reflective folk tune rife with slide guitar twang, bright and dusky acoustic guitar lines, warm piano, whispering flute reverberations, crisply upbeat drums.  Harris sings with a slight country twang that, “No billionaire left a trust fund in my name,” but then admits sweetly that he’s, “…rich in love…”

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