MesAlfie. – “Must See New York”

MesAlfie. – Hey, Super

Rome-based singer-songwriter Alfredo Serafini records under the name MesAlfie..  He has had a successful career in his native Italy with his band Aleph, signing to divisions of Polygram and Sony for that band and his solo work. After record label complications left Serafini wary of the Italian music industry, he has decided to go back to the basics, stripping down his modern sound in order to focus on heartfelt emotions, English-language lyrics, and subdued, flowing instrumentation.  All this can be found on his upcoming album Hey, Super, which is slated for release on May 26th.

Serafini has previewed the record with the reflective number “Must See New York” and an accompanying video.  It’s a bittersweet tribute to NYC from the viewpoint of a tourist visiting the city post-9/11.  Serafini gently plays acoustic guitar with his fingers glancing off the strings amid the slow pull of melancholic strings and his contemplative vocal delivery.

Restrained piano lines, shimmering cymbals, and a measured drum beat augment the sound.  “Must See New York” is a respectful and poignant composition, and its animated video, while more adventurous, is in keeping with the tone of the song.

In the video, a caterpillar makes the arduous (but interesting to watch) journey to NYC and finally reaches its destination before turning into a butterfly.  That spirit of hope infuses the theme of “Must See New York” and buoys the mood of the tune.

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