Jody Cooper – “One”

Jody Cooper – Serenades and Odes to a Cracked World

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jody Cooper is a man of many talents and many countries.  Cooper grew up an as English boy in Scotland and went back to England to get a degree in music after spending several years as a working musician.  He released his first album, Ten A Penny, and proceeded to tour the UK and Europe.

A foray with the a cappella group Sense of Sound and several album releases followed as Cooper won over British audiences with his engaging performances.  In 2013, he decided to relocate to Germany where he released a string of singles.  Never content to stay in one place, Cooper then visited and performed in the US last year and this year.

In between his travels Cooper composed and recorded his first crowd-funded, two-part concept album, Serenades and Odes to a Cracked World.  Part 1, Disintegration, will arrive in June, with Part 2, Integration, coming out at a later date.

Lead single “One” is a plaintive call to create positive change in the world, the topic of the whole album.  It starts off with ocean waves that fade away and let heavily contemplative piano lines drop in.  A muffled drum beat and subdued cymbals follow Cooper’s heartfelt vocals that lift upwards at the ends of his phrases.

He reflects that, despite life’s challenges, “We’ll grow… / We’ll rearrange.” in a longing tone as brightly rolling guitar lines and synth notes bolster the song further.  There are hints of classic The Beatles songwriting in the piano ballad structure and Cooper’s vocals at times recalls early Coldplay-era Chris Martin and similar singers.  At the song’s end symphonic strings make an appearance, as well as the found sound of children at play.

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