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Interview with Hermitess

In this interview, Calgary, Alberta-based musician and performance artist Jennifer Crighton tells us about her influences, inspirations and instrumentation; what has compelled her to create an album as both eclectic and accessible as the newly-released Blood Moon; and her Hermitess persona. In her own words, Crighton introduces her current … [Read more...]

Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology

2014’s The Silver Globe became rather a word-of-mouth sleeper-hit for Manchester music scene veteran Jane Weaver.  With its strung-out yet well-structured blend of krautrock and retro-space-age soul, the LP crept up on art-pop lovers with its translocating sonic earworms.  Consequently, the anticipation surrounding this sequel set - released via a … [Read more...]

Buffalo Tom – Let Me Come Over (deluxe reissue)

It’s hard for this writer to retain rigorous objectivity when it comes to Buffalo Tom’s third and finest album, Let Me Come Over.  These ears know virtually its every crotchet and quaver as well as its soaring heights and forgivable flaws, with the comforting familiarity of a life-long friend.  Introduced to the LP belatedly by a university years … [Read more...]

Jody Cooper – “One”

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jody Cooper is a man of many talents and many countries.  Cooper grew up an as English boy in Scotland and went back to England to get a degree in music after spending several years as a working musician.  He released his first album, Ten A Penny, and proceeded to tour the UK and Europe. A foray with … [Read more...]

The Real Hooks – “Damn You”

Pensacola’s own The Real Hooks are a family-act in an age when such formations seem like relics of a bygone era. They make it work through a combination of upbeat lyrical content, more than a healthy dose of humor, and undeniable musicality. All of those talents are readily on display in their newest single “Damn You” and it reaffirms the sense of … [Read more...]

Olivia – “I Choose This Love”

Canadian Olivia started writing songs and performing at the tender age of 11 and hasn’t looked back since.  Each year her star shines brighter and brighter with increasing acclaim and airplay of her music.  The artist’s recent EP, Weightless, won the top pop award in the Unsigned Only Competition. Her songs “Outshine the Stars” and “Christmas … [Read more...]

Interview with Jylda

Berlin-based singer-songwriter and producer Gianna Gehlhar completely captivates with her musical persona Jylda.  In her productions, she combines playful, experimental and minimalistic elements. Her vocals constantly drift between extremes, from sounding high and soft, sometimes operatic and siren-like on the one hand, and keen and metallic on the … [Read more...]

Jagged Vision – Death Is This World

Palm-mutted riffing with arpeggios is a good way to open an album. Cue Jagged Vision's "Betrayer." Song one deftly slices pleasantly adrenalized riffing between the melodic and the metallic. Before it ends, the song will have at times sounded like conventional metal, something almost eastern-infused, and, finally, warm hardcore with a hook. That … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#52 (The Home Current’s Martin Jensen on To Each)

Martin Jensen (The Home Current) on… A Certain Ratio’s To Each (Factory Records, 1981) I don't think I will ever fully comprehend why A Certain Ratio's first official album, To Each, has always been written off as somewhat mediocre. At the time of its release in 1981, it enjoyed a lukewarm reception at best and it was generally brushed … [Read more...]

The Charlatans – Different Days

Of course you remember The Charlatans, or The Charlatans UK if you are a US resident, a band that were at the forefront of the indie-dance scene of the early-'90s and that are probably best known for the string of hits they enjoyed during that decade, songs like "The Only One I Know", "One To Another", "North Country Boy" and others, a band that … [Read more...]