Archives for April 2017

Jon Tessier – “Like The Sun”

Brazilian-born Jon Tessier is a Brazilian-French artist who grew up in Malaysia and now works in an Ibiza music studio.  Tessier is a man of many talents with skills as a producer, musician, singer, and songwriter. While learning the music production trade, Tessier is also branching out as a solo artist.  During his time in Malaysia, he played … [Read more...]

Shawna Virago – “Gender Armageddon”

Renowned folk-punk songwriter Shawna Virago dropped her latest album, Heaven Sent Delinquent, this past January via Tranimal Records and it’s filled with her trademark no-frills compositions. Virago’s storytelling songs are steeped in the need for escape from the restrictive rules and ignorant views of society in general.  Being transgender, … [Read more...]

Grün – Manyana

Perhaps I haven't heard enough in the way of instrumental post-rock in recent months, but Grün's music and its varying components of abrasion, clarity, repetition and full-on overdrive makes for an enervating, immersive listening experience. At least some of this is a result of the album's production. Eschewing the grimy, organic sound that so many … [Read more...]

Jon Brooks – Autres Directions

As one of the most long-serving and best-selling artists affiliated to London’s Clay Pipe Music, Jon Brooks forms a strong part of the label’s backbone and collective conceptual philosophy.  Yet he stands apart from the enterprise’s more openly bucolic signings, preferring predominantly electronically-mapped routes into pyschogeographical … [Read more...]

Electric Moon – Stardust Rituals

Having amassed a large catalogue laden with limited edition produce since forming in 2009 - that is as impressive as it is intimidating in its girth - it’s hard to know where to start and stop when approaching the aural attractions of Germany’s Electric Moon.  Catch-up completionism is certainly not a simple option for even the hardiest of … [Read more...]

Balms – “Nothing In”

San Francisco-based dream-pop band Balms has contributed its recent single “Nothing In” to the Alternative (F)acts compilation album released via Greg Wilson’s DKFM Shoegaze Radio (acting as a one-time record label).  Balms released a self-titled EP in 2014 and will follow that up with its debut album this year. The shoegaze-centric comp … [Read more...]