Archives for March 2017

Sleaford Mods – English Tapas

For those expecting this latest and hotly-anticipated Sleaford Mods long-player to angrily amplify and directly document the turmoil of Brexit-fevered Britain will be somewhat disappointed.  However, although Sleaford Mods have always been close to the pulse of latter-day socio-political churning, Jason Williamson (vocals) and Andrew Fearn (music) … [Read more...]

Interview with Ian Button and Robert Rotifer of Gare du Nord Records

The most intriguingly varied of the new indie imprints, the collective-led Gare du Nord label offers an ebullient synthesis of sounds; from the Kinksesque vibe of Rotifer, the wide-eyed electro wonder of Deerful, via Ralegh Long’s esoteric singer-songwriting to the critically acclaimed early-‘70s stylings of Papernut Cambridge, among a wagon of … [Read more...]

Vorderhaus – Minor Activity

As one-half of The Detox Twins, Berlin’s Mark Vorderhaus has already woven his sonic DNA into Polytechnic Youth's extended family gene-pool across two choice seven-inch singles and an exclusive track on last year’s acclaimed They Make No Say compilation.  Whilst The Detox Twins appear to have sadly separated or gone into hibernation before … [Read more...]

The History Of Colour TV – Something Like Eternity

The band website says much about The History Of Colour TV and their music even before the first notes have spilled out of the speakers. An animated sequence of dark, rain heavy stormclouds blowing overhead, preparing to unleash all manner of thunderous weather conditions. As an introduction to the Berlin-based post-rock trio, whose third album … [Read more...]

Sula Bassana – Organ Accumulator / Zone Six – Forever Hugo

As the owner of Sulatron Records, as a multi-instrumentalist member of Electric Moon, Krautzone and Zone Six and as the brains behind his own semi-solo Sula Bassana project, Germany’s David Schmidt is an unashamed champion of all things krautrock, kosmische, motorik, psych-rock and all that fits in-between.  Luckily for him, a cult-like Europe-wide … [Read more...]

BJ Wilbanks – “I Can’t Help It”

Georgia native BJ Wilbanks explores his musical roots by digging deeply into Delta Blues and Motown sounds and channeling the emotional aspect of gospel music and the blues.  Wilbanks mixes this with a ‘70s Southern rock lineage and Americana for a potent genre-blending throwback concoction. Wilbanks is not only a solo artist, but also performs … [Read more...]

Taos Humm – Flute Of The Noodle Bender

Having first inaugurated their recorded presence with a low-key yet intriguing contribution to Howling Owl’s Sink compilation EP in 2014, it’s taken until now for Bristol’s Taos Humm to deliver a full-length calling-card.  Yet in an age where too many fledgling groups jump into releasing an album prematurely, it’s perhaps a good thing that the trio … [Read more...]

The Home Current b/w The Assistant and Pye Corner Audio & Faten Kanaan 7″ singles

Like its elder sibling enterprise, Deep Distance, London’s Polytechnic Youth label is seemingly on an unbreakable roll of high-quality productivity right now, to the point where you can’t afford to look away from the imprint for more than a few days, in case of a snooze and lose collecting calamity. And here are another two you might have missed … [Read more...]

Eat Lights Become Lights – Nature Reserve

It’s been a wallet-and-turntable straining time for the Deep Distance label so far this year.  With tightly-scheduled back-to-back LP releases of choice psych-infused expansiveness from Zofff and Yerba Mansa, kosmische heterogeneity courtesy of Sula Bassana and an enlightening expanded reissue of Colin Potter’s 1980 DIY milestone The Ghost Office, … [Read more...]

Ryan Summers – F51.01

Marshfield, Wisconsin-based producer and musician Ryan Summers has been working on various projects for the past two decades, more recently as part of the Americana collaboration Midwest Soul Xchange with his friend and Arizona-residing musician Nate Cherrier. This year Summers decided he needed a change of pace, so has created and released an … [Read more...]