No:Carrier – “Your Heroin”

no:carrier - Broken Rainbow

No:Carrier – Broken Rainbow

The collaborative project No:Carrier is the invention of Los Angeles-based artist Chris Wirsig.  Wirsig began No: Carrier in 1995 and it since morphed into a duo with Cynthia Wechselberger, and currently is a six-piece for the recent release Broken Rainbow: Songs For An Apocalyptic World.  Wirsig and Wechselberger are joined by Lauralee Brown, Scilla Siekmann, Liza Marie Sparks, and Bobby Halvorson.

Broken Rainbow is a conceptual album that tackles the dystopian themes in the aftermath of destruction.  The outlook is bleak, but there is still a tiny sliver of shining light – hence a broken rainbow that, with love and care, can be healed and strengthened over time and with attention.  It’s a highly potent symbol of today’s troubled times – politically, socially, personally…

The stark but gripping cut “Your Heroin” is just one of the many gritty hues that Wirsig and company chase on this album.  It speaks directly of addiction and desperation. What happens after the high – and when the drug doesn’t have the effect it had before?  The shadowy electronic track is laced with symphonic strings and scored by guest vocalist Bobby Halvorson’s deep and aching cries.  He’s backed by female vocals at times and the tune builds into a lively but still grimy fire of emphatically played bright strings, zipping electronic distortion, and faster drum tracks.

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