Logwitch – “The 2nd Glance: Askew”

Logwitch – Trail of the Contortionist

American Garrett Arnhold records as the drum ‘n’ bass/EDM entity Logwitch to interesting effect.  Consisting of unusual beats patterns and instruments, Arnhold just dropped his album, Trail of the Contortionist, this past January.

A prime example of Logwitch’s experimentation can be found on the cut “The 2nd Glance: Askew”, a laid-back trip-hop-vibed number that features accordion as its instrumental centerpiece.

The composition winds along with an easy flow, yet it is made up of intricate parts all coming together into a specific rhythm and sonic design.  Upon careful listen, the result is mesmerizing, but solitude and a good set of headphones is needed to extract the details of the piece.

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