East of Eli – “Nowhere” (feat. Chyler Leigh)

East of Eli

East of Eli

Valentine’s Day saw the release of East of Eli’s new single “Nowhere” at People.com.  The East of Eli moniker belongs to the actor and musician Nathan West.  He’s guest starred in numerous TV shows and appeared in films like Bring It On, Miracle, and The Skulls II.

“Nowhere” is the lead single from West’s upcoming second album, Lost Translation.  On the song he’s joined by his wife of 16 years, actress Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy, That ‘80s Show, Reunion) who is currently on the TV series Supergirl.

The tune is a sweet and sweeping heart-warmer that was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift – a love song about a couple’s devotion to one another.  West and Leigh twin and alternate their vocals throughout “Nowhere” while being supported by chiming guitar reverb, reflective piano notes, and a measured beat on the verses.  The uplifting chorus sections peaks with surging guitar riffs as West and Leigh confess, “I’m givin’ all my love.”

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