Camille Peruto – “Crooked Roads”

Camilla Peruto - From the Sea to the Sky

Camilla Peruto – From The Sea To The Sky

Philadelphia/South Jersey-based singer-songwriter Camille Peruto has one foot planted in the pop field and the other firmly ensconced in rock terrain.  She first took flight with her debut album Sparrow in 2013, which is sold out in physical form and is now only available at iTunes.

Just last month Peruto returned with her second album, From The Sea To The Sky, and it blends her pop and rock base with folk influences.  On the album Peruto (vocals, acoustic guitar) is surrounded by the talented Joe Parella (guitar), Erik Kase Romero (bass), Roshane Karunaratne (piano, keyboards), and Eric Novod (drums).

Lead single and album opener “Crooked Roads” introduces the listener to Peruto’s 11-song journey, moving along with an emphatically smacked drum beat, roughly picked guitar, and clacking percussion.  Peruto’s sweet and light vocals flow with a bright, but mellow tone as she cheerfully laments that where “…crooked roads go / nobody knows.”

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