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Logwitch – “The 2nd Glance: Askew”

American Garrett Arnhold records as the drum ‘n’ bass/EDM entity Logwitch to interesting effect.  Consisting of unusual beats patterns and instruments, Arnhold just dropped his album, Trail of the Contortionist, this past January. A prime example of Logwitch’s experimentation can be found on the cut “The 2nd Glance: Askew”, a laid-back … [Read more...]

Greg And The Granules – “No Words”

Singer-songwriter Greg Maechling, the frontman of Southern California psych-rock-meets-surf-pop band Particle Wave, is also known for his music project Greg And The Granules.  The group is comprised of Maechling (vocals, guitar), producer and instrumentalist Nick Luca (Iron & Wine, Calexico, Neko Case) on keyboards, and Joe Westerlund … [Read more...]

Camille Peruto – “Crooked Roads”

Philadelphia/South Jersey-based singer-songwriter Camille Peruto has one foot planted in the pop field and the other firmly ensconced in rock terrain.  She first took flight with her debut album Sparrow in 2013, which is sold out in physical form and is now only available at iTunes. Just last month Peruto returned with her second album, From The … [Read more...]

Snails – Safe In Silence

Although Bristol’s Snails may have pursued a release rate pattern at a pace on par with their gastropod namesakes, this long-awaited debut vinyl LP for Feral Child - which tardily follows 7" singles from 2011 and 2015 on The Great Pop Supplement - is surprisingly and pleasingly light on its feet.  Whilst the group was originally conceived as a duo … [Read more...]

East of Eli – “Nowhere” (feat. Chyler Leigh)

Valentine’s Day saw the release of East of Eli’s new single “Nowhere” at  The East of Eli moniker belongs to the actor and musician Nathan West.  He’s guest starred in numerous TV shows and appeared in films like Bring It On, Miracle, and The Skulls II. “Nowhere” is the lead single from West’s upcoming second album, Lost … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#51 (Mission Of Burma’s Roger C. Miller on Piper At The Gates Of Dawn)

Roger C. Miller (Mission Of Burma, Trinary System et al.) on… Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Columbia, 1967) In the fall of 1968 I was in eleventh grade and psychedelia was in full swing. I was playing in bands, idolizing Hendrix and Cream, and listening to the most far-out sounds I could find. My dad, who played piano in college … [Read more...]

Hidden Shoal Records – Eat Your Friends

Over almost a decade, Hidden Shoal records developed a reputation as a consistently innovative and experimental music label, giving to us music of remarkable qualities whether it was the instrumental excursions of Gilded, the blissed-out indie of My Majestic Star, the electronica of Marcus Mehr, the alt.folk stylings of Kramies - the HSR list of … [Read more...]

No:Carrier – “Your Heroin”

The collaborative project No:Carrier is the invention of Los Angeles-based artist Chris Wirsig.  Wirsig began No: Carrier in 1995 and it since morphed into a duo with Cynthia Wechselberger, and currently is a six-piece for the recent release Broken Rainbow: Songs For An Apocalyptic World.  Wirsig and Wechselberger are joined by Lauralee Brown, … [Read more...]

Noveller – A Pink Sunset For No One

In the two years since the acclaimed release of Fantastic Planet gently pushed Sarah Lipstate further out to a global audience, she has continued to service her Noveller project with a characteristic hard-grafting mix of sociability and solitary exploration.  This has meant touring extensively as a somewhat unexpected support act for Iggy Pop; … [Read more...]

Mike Llerena – “Rosanna”

Gainesville, Florida-based DIY singer-songwriter Mike Llerena is gearing up to release his third EP, Absence & The Heart, in February.  Llerena’s roots are embedded in the local punk music scene he grew up in, but over the years he has added classic rock and folk flavours to his musical brew. While a teenager, Llerena picked up the guitar … [Read more...]