Les Bohem – “Fancy Footwork”

Les Bohem - Moved To Duarte

Les Bohem – Moved To Duarte

LA-based singer-songwriter Les Bohem is a veteran of many talents, in and outside of the music field.  In the 1980s he was a member of the bands Gleaming Spires and Sparks. Bohem took to screenwriting after those bands broke up, a career that has hit numerous highs, including the screenplay he wrote for the award-winning film Twenty Bucks, screenwriting credits for Daylight, Dante’s Peak, and Nowhere To Run, his writer and executive producer roles for Steven Spielberg’s Taken mini-series, and most recently his current executive producing function for Hulu’s Shut Eye, a show that he created.  On top of that, Bohem has penned the short novel, Flight 505, among other writings.

Through it all, Bohem has never stopped creating and playing his own music, as well as shaping compositions for other notable artists like Emmylou Harris and Randy Travis.  Bohem had not released a solo album, however, until this past December, the Americana-soaked double-disc Moved To Duarte.  It’s been a long and winding journey for Bohem, and he reflects upon the reality of life and death in his personal yet universal storytelling folk songs, rendered with acoustic guitar and his direct semi-spoken plaintive vocals.

One of the many lyrically insightful tunes from Moved To Duarte, “Fancy Footwork” keeps a light instrumental and vocal step, with lyrics that are gracefully ruminating.  Amid gentle acoustic guitar strum and soft accompanying vocals, Bohem comes to the conclusion, “In the sweet by and by we’re all alone/ When the dance is over / There’s no one to take you home / In the meantime why the hell not take a chance…”

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