Ivanna – Leaving Town

Ivanna - Leaving Town

Ivanna – Leaving Town

Invanna is the new moniker of the Swedish band previously known as Dolly Daggers and The Modern Love that started out in 2001.  Along with the name change comes a difference in sound with a switch from ’80s-influenced pop-rock stylings to more acoustic-based arrangements.  Ludvig Sersam (vocals, guitar) composed and produced Invanna’s inaugural album, Leaving Town, which has just dropped via Bakery Allstars Recordings.  He’s joined by his two brothers, Jonatan (piano, harmonica, keyboards) and Valdemar (drums), as well as Johan Dahlborn of synth-pop outfit Alice In Videoland on bass and Simon Söfelde on guitars.

Leaving Town is filled with folky-to-bluesy pop structures and sheen, all tied together by Ludvig’s sharply airy vocals, which come across like a combo of  Morten Harket of A-Ha and Stuart Adamson of Big Country.  “Fight Fire With Fire” is especially in a 1980s mold with its thumping, guitar and drums-led pacing and Ludvig’s longing croon as he wistfully sighs, “…what we’re going through / Is not what I call love.” The piercing squawk of burnished harmonica answers his call, heightening the poignancy of the track even more.

The strum of acoustic guitar lines, plinking piano, clacking handclaps, and Ludvig’s searching vocals ring out on “My Love”.  He’s surrounded by backing vocals from his bandmates as he plaintively cries, “Be my disease / And be my only cure / Be my joy, my tears, be my only one / Be the truth…”

Ludvig’s vocals enter the same territory of Bronski Beat’s Jimmy Sommerville on the brisk “Money”.  His exact words are submerged by the golden glisten of fleet-fingered guitar strings that form a dreamy core supported by his aerial vocal reach.  The ’80s-inflected “Tuesday” dances on light tiptoes with a range of bright and lively percussion while Ludvig keeps his vocals softly high.  With Ludvig’s lofty, pining vocals running through the songs on Leaving Town, it’s no wonder that Ivanna started off as an ‘80s-influenced band.  Its members may now use folk and rock touches like acoustic guitars, piano, and harmonica, but at the center still beats a sweet pop heart.

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