Eric Frisch – “The Light Ahead”

Eric Frisch - "The Light Ahead"

Eric Frisch – “The Light Ahead”

The New York City-based Eric Frisch goes for a throwback ’50s-‘60s approach on his album Music Under Sea, which surfaced last month.  Combining the retro with the modern throughout, Music Under Sea has yielded three singles, two of which have accompanying videos.  Frisch plays everything on the LP, except for drums provided by David Cornejo.  Frisch is inspired by ’60s bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, as well as current acts like Real Estate and Foxygen.

“The Light Ahead” charms with Frisch’s warm ‘n’ fuzzy sonic style.  Briskly played guitars with just a hint of distortion strike brightly against a shuffling drum beat, while Frisch comes in with low-key and at times doubled-tracked vocals.  The laid-back groove and vocals leaven the bittersweet nature of Frisch’s lyrics as he plaintively intones, “…I’m reachin’ for the end / I hope I see you there, my friend.”

The video for the song is sweetly amusing, with Frisch and his pals performing choreographed dance moves and goofing off in front of graffiti-tagged fences and protective steel gates in the city during the summertime.

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