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Tim and Puma Mimi of the Swiss-Japanese electronic pop duo Tim & Puma Mimi are readying for the release of their latest album, Der Die Das, on January 27th via Mouthwatering Records. Lead single “Dupi Dough”, out December 2nd, is a special present, a song created as part of the soundtrack to an award-winning animated short film titled Ivan’s Need. Tim and Mimi were asked to provide a “crazy lead song” and quirkily enticing “Dupi Dough” took shape. Find out more about Tim and Puma Mimi’s musical adventures below:

Hello Puma Mimi and Tim! From what I understand, “Dupi Dough” is the first single taken from your upcoming album?


It’s also the lead song to an award-winning animation film, right?

Yes. Well, to be honest, we’re very surprised that this animated film, Ivan’s Need, is doing so well. Because the topic it deals is quite edgy: sex. But it isn’t the type of sex animation you would imagine. Ivan’s Need is a weirdly cute and fun movie. And, of course, our music in it is too, ha ha.

Video Still from Ivan's Need

Video Still from Ivan’s Need

Have you met the filmmakers before you scored this film?

No. First, they sent the script via e-mail. It was a very weird story. But we liked the character outline, so we decided to meet them. At the first meeting, they were very enthusiastic about our music and asked us to score Ivan’s Need, and also to compose the title song. After that, there was a lot of e-mail writing going back and forth. With some songs it was more difficult to arrive at a common idea. But when we sent the first demo of the title song, “Dupi Dough”, they gave us a clear “Yes!” to proceed.

How much freedom did you have in writing this song?

We had quite a lot of freedom. The filmmakers’ only wish was to have a crazy, Japanese song in the ‘Tim & Puma Mimi’ style. As you know, Japan is famous for animation and they did want to have a Japanese touch in their movie. On the other hand, Tim & Puma Mimi songs are not really what you would consider typically Japanese, although Puma Mimi does sing in Japanese. So, we pushed ourselves to go one crazy-level higher than usual. Crazier! Faster! We had a good run on a sunny afternoon in our studio (Yes, it has two tiny windows).

Video Still from Ivan's Need

Video Still from Ivan’s Need

Did you have fun hashing the song out?

A lot! We especially enjoyed the composing stage. The editing and cleaning feels more like office work, but as long as we don’t have to do Excel for the music, we’re OK.

And what do you think about all these awards that this film is getting?

We love to send our music out to travel the world in different bubbles. We just got an e-mail from someone from Montreal who said, “I’ve watched the short film Ivan’s Need at a festival in Montreal today. They’ve credited your name for the music at the end, but not the title of the song. I’ve looked for it all over your YouTube channel and the internet but I couldn’t find it. Could you tell me the name of the song? I’m happy I’ve got to discover your group through that short film, I really like your music!”


In closing, what can we expect from your upcoming album Der Die Das?

We would say it’s a colorful album with many surprises, but in the right dosage. You travel from South Africa (Ngoma Makhosi, a rapper from Johannesburg South Africa) to Milano (IOKOI, a singer from Milano with a sweet-scary voice) to a bike ride in Menorca, and even Boris Blank (Yello) composed some sounds for “The Guestbook”, a 10-minute track at the end of the album.

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