Glenn Meling – “America”

Glenn Meling - Minnesota

Glenn Meling – Minnesota

Singer-songwriter and producer Glenn Meling may hail from Olso, Norway, but the geographical difference between Norway and the US doesn’t get in the way of Meling’s heartfelt Americana sound.  Meling recently released the album Minnesota, named in connection to the many migrating Norwegians settling in that state during the 1800s.  Meling himself has traveled extensively throughout the States, and has also lived in Australia and the UK.

Minnesota is Meling’s third album.  Lead single “America” is a prime example of Meling’s mixing of Americana and roots rock, all while sending a strong message about the dream of living in the USA.

The song steps emphatically forward on the gritty terrain of electric guitar crackle, a rubbery bass line, and prominent drums.  Meling sings in an urgent tone, crying out, “…I’d rather live than die / So you’ll find me on that ship when it sails…”  The rough terrain of the verses give way to dreamy chorus passages, with a hopeful, softer sounding Meling continuing with the lyrics, “…to America / Above the clouds the sky is blue / America / I won’t deceive you.”  It’s an optimistic sentiment that unfortunately somehow seems unreachable in today’s socio-econo-political climate.