Wicklow Atwater – “I Wanna Be Yer Man”

Wicklow Atwater - The Fallen Flame String Band LP

Wicklow Atwater – The Fallen Flame String Band LP

Los Angeles-native Americana roots outfit Wicklow Atwater mixes modern with vintage on its album The Fallen Flame String Band, which arrived on November 11th.  The group is made up of life-long friends David Archey (vocals, harmonica), Nick Lupton (acoustic guitar), Billy Lupton (mandolin, vocals), Gilbert Montoya (banjo, vocals), and Jessica Alvillar (violin).

Wicklow Atwater brings an edgy energy to its old-timey-vibed rustic compositions that shine their brightest when played in the live setting.  The band lights up the dynamic single “I Wanna Be Yer Man” with a brisk blend of strummed acoustic guitars, plucked banjo, and finger-picked mandolin. Strains of plaintive harmonica warble preface Archey’s vinegary, but lively vocal delivery as he launches into proclamations like, “…please let me hold your hand / I just wanna love ya… / the best I can.”  The jaunty ramble of piquant stringed instruments and backing vocals extensions flow around Archey’s imploring tone, carrying him along like weathered driftwood in a sparkling, pebble-filled stream.