Scott Taylor – “Tennessee”

Scott Taylor - Blues Kitchen

Scott Taylor – Blues Kitchen

Washington, DC-born and based (after being raised in Virginia) blues singer-songwriter Scott Taylor is a veteran of the music field, having participated in a youth choir in his early years and then going professional, backing headlining artists on tour and collaboration with a variety of musicians including Cover Girls, Joyce Sims, and Little Louie Vega.

He’s been attached to several known blues labels and had a hit single on the UK dance charts with “No So Far Away” in 1991.  As a solo artist, Taylor has connected with Fetal Records in Annapolis, Maryland and he is readying his upcoming album, Blues Kitchen, for release later this month.  On the album Taylor is joined by blues guitar master Tony Fazio and Charlie Sayles on harmonica.

Lead single “Tennessee” captures the sound of out-of-the-way, late night, and dimmed lights blues joints where faded glory and bone-deep weariness with a touch of hope survive.  On the slowly simmering tune, Taylor emotes in a low-key tone, “I need to find / Some peace of mind,” while steeped in a laid-back pace of blue note and slightly fierier guitar strokes, brushed drums, and occasional crashing cymbals.

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