The NaveBlues – “Thank You” (cover)

The NaveBlues - "Thank You"

The NaveBlues – “Thank You”

Norwegian singer-songwriter and harmonica-player Nave Pundik is at the core of the indie-blues-rock project The NaveBlues.  Pundik is both a musician and visual artist, crafting ear-catching songs and eye-catching videos.  Nave’s video for “SexyKiss” put him on the musical map and now he explores uncharted territory with his cover of the Led Zeppelin classic “Thank You” in aural and visual forms.

This take itself is an at-times faithful, and occasionally a break from the original, with Nave replacing a Jimmy Page-like guitar solo with blazing jags of harmonica.  The overall sound is updated with more sonic intensity by the addition of searing electric guitar lines instead of laid-back guitar jangle, the doing away with light Hammond organ (well, maybe there’s some gentle organ in the background, but it’s really difficult to discern!), the focus on sharp and blistering harmonica squalls, and mix of sporadic male and female harmonies.

The video traces the changing emotions of a woman (performed by Kristine M. Opheim) who is slated to be the first settler on Mars in 2100.  While “Thank You” flows along on one type of trip, the video examines another hypothetical voyage, one that travels into space with the Red Planet as its destination.

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