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The Wave Pictures – Bamboo Diner In The Rain

It’s been a busy couple of years for The Wave Pictures; so much so you’d be forgiven for not keeping track of all the band's activities.  Having showcased their grasp of garage-rock primitivism with the Billy Childish-produced Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon in early-2015, appeared as the backing-ensemble for Stanley Brinks on his charmingly … [Read more...]

Taxi Wars – Fever

If I begin this review by mentioning that Taxi Wars are mainly the project of former dEUS frontman Tom Barman, then that will divide those of you reading it into two groups; those that have heard the Belgian alt. rock troupe and those that haven't. If I begin it by saying that Fever is essentially a jazz album, then more or less everyone reading … [Read more...]

Billy Coté – “Excerpt: Place (GirlGhost1)” b/w “Cloudx Trans 5 (GirlGhost2)” 7″

Was 2008 really the last time we properly heard from Billy Coté?  Seemingly so. After a pretty prolific run of releases from the early-‘90s onwards - co-leading Madder Rose, under the alias of The Jazz Cannon, alongside Mary Lorson (as a double-act and within her Saint Low ensemble) and as a third of The Piano Creeps - Coté has been keeping a … [Read more...]

Wicklow Atwater – “I Wanna Be Yer Man”

Los Angeles-native Americana roots outfit Wicklow Atwater mixes modern with vintage on its album The Fallen Flame String Band, which arrived on November 11th.  The group is made up of life-long friends David Archey (vocals, harmonica), Nick Lupton (acoustic guitar), Billy Lupton (mandolin, vocals), Gilbert Montoya (banjo, vocals), and Jessica … [Read more...]

Mikael Tariverdiev – The Irony Of Fate – Original Score (reissue)

If there is comfort to be taken in these increasingly dark geopolitical times, then it’s the knowledge that even against gloomy societal backdrops great culture can still flourish as a rock for humanity to cling to.  The career of Mikael Tariverdiev is perhaps a great totem of letting light into such darkness.  Having fashioned a vast body of … [Read more...]

The NaveBlues – “Thank You” (cover)

Norwegian singer-songwriter and harmonica-player Nave Pundik is at the core of the indie-blues-rock project The NaveBlues.  Pundik is both a musician and visual artist, crafting ear-catching songs and eye-catching videos.  Nave’s video for “SexyKiss” put him on the musical map and now he explores uncharted territory with his cover of the Led … [Read more...]

Phil Gammage – “Arms of a Kind Woman”

New York-based Americana-blues veteran Phil Gammage released his eighth solo album, Used Man For Sale, just over a month ago.  Gammage’s music has previously been included in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials on broadcast channels like PBS, A&E, and MTV. While playing live is his thing, like his performances at the CBGB Music … [Read more...]

E – self-titled

Although being part-promoted as a ‘return-to-noise’ vehicle for Thalia Zedek, after her more rustically-inclined solo wares of the last 15 or so years, the search engine-unfriendly E actually operate much more as a three-headed democratic beast.  With Zedek sharing her vocal and six-string-slinging duties with Jason Sanford (Neptune) and marshalled … [Read more...]

Scatter Factory – self-titled

As it begins, the opening track of Scatter Factory's album "Catatonic Voyage" seems as if it could take nearly any musical direction. The atonal and metallic first twenty seconds might lead into some clubby drum and bass electronica, a country-psyche guitar number, or even a full on prog rock anthem. In the event, "Catatonic Voyage" does none of … [Read more...]

Kristin Hersh @ The Lantern, Bristol – 8th November 2016

Despite - and perhaps because of - her lengthy contrarian career, Kristin Hersh is too often taken for granted.  Not that she makes things entirely easy.  Latterly refusing to compromise with traditionalist record-unleashing routes, flipping between musical outlets (within Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave and as a solo artist) and dabbling in the … [Read more...]