Thirsty – “The Albatross”

Thirsty - Albatross

Thirsty – Albatross

London-based noir-rockers Thirsty made waves in the UK last year with a self-titled debut album and now the act is set to inundate the world with its second album, Albatross, landing in November.  Legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey was at the helm for the full-length’s production, mixing, and mastering.

The core of Thirsty, Guy Bailey (vocals, songwriter; founder of Quireboy) and Russian poet Irina D., formed in early-2014, but for this second record, the band has expanded to include Lynne Jackaman (of Saint Jude) on backing vocals, Chris Johnstone (of Quireboys) on keyboards, and Simon Hansen (of Squeeze) on drums.

The concept behind the lyrical art-house Albatross is to spotlight reimagined literary material, including well-known characters, as well as reflect upon the real life stories of known individuals.

Opening number “The Albatross” shuffles in assuredly with bluesy, reverb guitar licks and a laid-back beat.  Bailey sing-talks in a distinctive, hushed, yet still clear vocal tone, assuaging any fear of the unknown by calmly declaring, “It’s alright / He loves us all.”  The instrumentation takes off with a restless grind by the end of the tune with the introduction of quickly tapped piano, a sharply reeling guitar line, a kicky drum beat, and sporadic cymbal crash.

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