Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – “Into The Ether”

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy - The Miller Girl

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – The Miller Girl

West Virginian Americana duo Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy aims for direct and authentic songs on upcoming debut concept album The Miller Girl.  The full-length is set for release in November via Merf Records and it details the journey of an individual who is lost, but then found through the transformative power of love.

Hussey is a veteran singer-songwriter who has gigged throughout West Virginia and Ohio and Eddy is a teenage multi-instrumentalist talent who is a West Virginia flat picking champion on guitar (with second place on banjo and third place on mandolin).

On The Miller Girl, Hussey and Eddy craft teb traditional tunes that range from straight-up bluegrass to light pop in the vein of James Taylor.  The lyrical and emotional trajectory of the album goes from focusing on restless displacement and searching to ending up with a new-found balance and sense of identity.

“Into The Ether” is the second track on the album and represents a darker point in the conceptual journey, at least lyrics-wise.  At the duo’s Bandcamp site, Hussey wrote that the track is, “An epic of lost love and shattered dreams.”  There is no denying the regret and pain, and the taking of blame, that runs through lines like, “…I sit in the silence / It’s the killing kind…” and, “…ghosts never vanish / They just reappear…”

A musical balm soothes these complex emotions, with Hussey on acoustic guitar and Eddy playing banjo and mandolin.  Ron Wallace, Anders Bush, and Jeff Martin join in on backing vocals, bass, and drums, respectively.  The overall mood is subdued, but the song still moves at a brisk pace with the quick picking of bright banjo and swift strum of melodic acoustic guitar.  The instrumentation sweeps by like a fast-flowing river as Hussey sings in a hushed, but clear tone about, “the last goodbye.” and that, “…we were out of time.”