Space Cadets – Space Cadets EP

Space Cadets - Space Cadets EP

Space Cadets – Space Cadets EP

LA-based pop-slanted hip-hop outfit Space Cadets mix up a tasty sonic stew, adding a shake of rock, a dash of blues, and a pinch of R&B to the pot, depending on the tune.  The trio just released a self-titled second EP in late-August, which was produced by James Ingram (Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Leona Lewis).

Zachary Wexelman (vocals, guitar), Dan Creed (bass, backing vocals), and John Cocco (drums) keep it loose and laid-back on the four tracks of the EP, focusing on the vocal flow and strummed acoustic guitars, which also work as part of the rhythm.  Lead single “Kissing” pulsates with a circling acoustic guitar refrain, a supple deep bass line push, and a stamping beat.  It focuses on Wexelman’s emotive vocals as he pleads, “I think about the postcards I sent you… / And now you don’t want anything to do with me / I don’t know why.”

The opening track “FFDF” flows trippingly with hip-hop-inflected lyrics, a steely, but subdued guitar line, ticking percussion, and a smacked beat.  Wexelman delivers insightful views about creativity and the individual and that, “I believe we are the sum total of our actions / It isn’t what you said / It isn’t what you meant / It’s what you do that makes a difference…”

“For A Little While” carves out a cool, little blues groove of low-key bass, steel guitar strings, whisked beat, and Wexleman’s rawer sentiments as he confesses he’s, “…young, dumb, and pissed off.”, but that he wants to change the more negative aspects inside himself.  A plucky rhythm runs through “Fam”, which sounds like a throwback to a prior era.  Picked acoustic guitar, a thick bass line, and pacey percussion rove as Wexelman sing-speaks in a heartfelt tone the perceptive lines, “It’s so amazing how the time just seems to fly / …like the moment you start living / Is the moment that you die.”

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