Sluka – Introversions

Sluka - Introversions

Sluka – Introversions

Sluka is the alias of one Christopher Sluka, a San Diego-based singer-songwriter (and visual artist) who has recorded 10 studio albums and amassed a devoted fanbase around the world.  Sluka released his latest album, Introversions, at the beginning of this year, but is currently following it up with a string of music videos; one for each of the full-length’s 13 tracks.

The music videos will be showcased on a BluRay of Introversions that will be delivered this November.  Sluka is planning a European tour of various clubs in support of the video compilation.  The first four videos have been unveiled so far for the songs “Gothic Cavalier”, “Doctor Strangelove”, “Valentine Lies”, and “Sadder Than Sad”.

The videos for “Doctor Strangelove” and “Valentine Lies” shine the spotlight completely on Sluka’s live performances.  The pumpin’ and thumpin’ jam “Doctor Strangelove” includes the audience’s appreciative applause and the work of Sluka and his all-female backing band.  Everyone is enthused and groovin’ to the tune and there is a warm, communal vibe emanating from the filmed gig.

Sluka’s distinctive, heartfelt vocals radiate with conviction on “Valentine Lies.” It’s a more toned down affair filled with reflective piano, slowly dawning synths, low-key symphonic strings, and muted horns.  Sulka draws out his sharply bright, winding vocals with a passion that lights up the dusky instrumental rumination.

On the mysterious “Gothic Cavalier” Sluka mixes live performance footage in a living room setting with brief shots of outside images like firing tanks, launching rockets, and teeming cities.  A recurring motif of statues from around the world flashes by as Sluka sings in a subdued, brooding tone, “It doesn’t matter what becomes of me…”

“Sadder Than Sad” also alternates between moving images of an emotionally longing Sluka performing on acoustic guitar in the studio and him zooming along outside on his motorbike.  Birds in flight and a woman waiting and then running in a field flit through the video as Sluka reminisces of a love gone by.

“Gothic Cavalier” 
“Doctor Strangelove” 
“Valentine Lies” 
“Sadder Than Sad” 

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