Short Takes (Everlost US, The Grand Undoing & Tumbler)

Everlost US - Live and Let Go

Everlost US – Live and Let Go

Everlost US – “I’m Doing My Best”

Everlost US is the musical project of the Orlando, Florida-based Jared Kay and his one-man-band approach sounds more like a scorchin’ five-member group than that of a solo musician.  Kay played in several bands before deciding to blaze a trail on his own, releasing a debut EP in 2014.  He recently released his second record, the 7-track Live And Let Go, where he sings and plays guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

Kay fires on all cylinders on the upbeat alternative rock number “I’m Doing My Best”, which pushes forward with rangy, distorted guitar lines, cymbals smash, and an emphatic drum beat.  Kay trades off two different vocal styles; one where he’s more direct and one that shows off his higher range.  “I’m Doing My Best” deftly balances melody and noise as Kay sings in a light, hopeful tone, “I’ve never felt so alive / I’m getting better at movin’ on… / I’m finally out in the sun.” against burning guitar riffs and a kicky drum beat.


The Grand Undoing

The Grand Undoing

The Grand Undoing – “Most Of All We Just Go Around”

Seth Goodman is the singer-songwriter behind The Grand Undoing, a post-rock-meets-Americana venture that is his passion.  When he was growing up in Boston, Goodman was drawn to college radio and the club scene, and later in his life he discovered his love for classic country and roots music.

Goodman has taken all of these influences and processed them into his recordings, from 2011’s Appeasing The Sick to White Space Flavors And Parties On TV in 2014 and now his upcoming third album Sparks Rain Down From The Lights Of Love.  The full-length will get its release in September on Secret Rock Candy Records.

Roots-rock lead single “Most Of All We Just Go Around” focuses on Goodman’s expressive vocals as he plaintively emotes with an Elvis Costello-like sharpness, “…I’m goin’ home / Where I can in and face the darkness / That’s all my own.”  He’s supported by strummed, jagged, and circling electric guitar lines, warm piano, and steadily upbeat drums.


Tumbler - Come To The Edge

Tumbler – Come To The Edge

Tumbler – “Falling”

Richard Grace (vocals, guitar), his son Harry Grace (vocals, guitar), and music producer Dave Needham (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) are at the center of Tumbler, from Epsom, England.  The trio released its debut album, You Said, a couple of years ago and now return with second album Come To The Edge, which dropped in July.

“Falling” is an uptempo folk-rock number that showcases Harry Grace’s engaging, heartfelt vocals.  As the electric guitar jangle, rumbling bassline grinds, and drums slap with a measured, but pronounced push, Harry Grace, his voice a bit rough from his exclamations, intones with a romantic hue, “All these individual moments / Are just components / That all link back to you.”  A light sprinkling of piano, bashed cymbals, a hint of symphonic strings, and other sounds bolster the song and keep the uplift going.