Rachel Mason – “Tigers in the Dark”

Rachel Mason - "Tigers in the Dark" - Photo Credit: Matthew Spiegelman

Rachel Mason – “Tigers in the Dark” – Photo Credit: Matthew Spiegelman

Innovative performance artist and musician Rachel Mason is readying to unleash her latest project, the conceptual album Das Ram that focuses on what it means to be a creative spirit in the everyday world.  Mason encapsulates this theme on lead single “Tigers in the Dark”, out September 9th on Cleopatra Records, which sparks with the artist’s imagination as she envisions a conflicted creature who “…died in the cage…” of reality while her “…heart stayed on the stage.”

Mason vocally swoops through the air like a seasoned acrobat on the single, supported by a swift and crisply marching drum beat, R2-D2-like electronic bleeps, and grinding jags of electric guitar.  She projects her voice for maximum effect, crying out with fervor, “Cut the chain / Let me fly / Now the curtain has risen…”  It’s her time in the spotlight, in front of the audience, and she paints the scene in bold brushstrokes, stalking the floorboards with acutely decisive movements.

On the song and in the video directed by Matthew Spiegelman, Mason portrays a torn character; a hybrid creature who lives for the stage and dies in the unimaginative realm of reality.  With her face painted chalk white and surrounded by a feathered ruff, Mason emotes with anguish in the video, tormentedly intoning, “Only one of us will survive.”  The artist who conceives and offers his/her gift to the audience is in conflict with the everyday individual who is subjected to the daily grind of real life.

Mason is a specialist at creating fantasy worlds via her songs, sculptures, and performance art.  She becomes a conduit for the living entities and inanimate objects she crafts, expressing their/her views via her body and voice.  Mason has shared the stage with numerous artists, exhibited sculpture, video, and performance art at various renowned art galleries, and composed music in a multitude of formats including 13 albums and 3 operas.

Mason revealed the “Tigers in the Dark” video at an immersive theatrical event held at the LTD Los Angeles gallery, the spot where the famed 1970s English Disco nightclub once stood.  Artist Dennis Hoekstra created a replica of English Disco for the gathering and KROQ radio DJ and owner of English Disco, the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer (AKA “Rodney on the Roq”), was on hand to spin the tunes.  Bingenheimer was fundamental in introducing glam rock to the U.S. and later in breaking many of the New Wave and college bands into the mainstream.

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