DownTown Mystic – “Dead End Space”

DownTown Mystic - Rock 'N' Roll Romantic

DownTown Mystic – Rock ‘N’ Roll Romantic

Hailing from the Garden State (that would be New Jersey) which has produced greats like Bruce Springsteen, Robert Allen flourishes under the moniker of DownTown Mystic.  His traditional rock ‘n’ roll and Americana songs emanate Tom Petty and The Boss-like vibes, while also radiating a bit of classic British rock at times.

DownTown Mystic entered the music field in 2010 with debut album Standing Still and, ever on the move, dropped a self-titled second album in 2013.  Since then DownTown Mystic has delivered several singles, two EPs, and most recently a third full-length entitled Rock ‘N’ Roll Romantic.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Romantic came out in late-July and opening number “Dead End Space” encapsulates what the Allen does best, keeping it authentic and heartfelt.  Fast-rambling guitars, both acoustic and electric, and upbeat, emphatic drums keep the tempo flowing forward.  Allen sings in a direct plaintive tone, bemoaning the fact that, “…I can’t be the one to save you / If I can’t save you from yourself.”  He’s bolstered by more insistent guitar jags that highlight his advice to take a good, hard look in the mirror, pointing out that, “The truth will set you free.”

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