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Thalia Zedek Band – Eve

Since 2001’s still impressive Been Here And Gone began her solo journey, after preceding pioneering years in Dangerous Birds, Uzi, Live Skull and - of course - Come, Thalia Zedek hasn’t made records with ease of listening as the priority.  At the heart of them all has been her fusion of indefectible gutsiness and unbreakable yearning that is … [Read more...]

Interview with Vibrissae

Portland, Oregon-based Vibrissae is slated to release its enchanting debut album Somewhere Away in August via Vipchoyo Sound Factory.  On the full-length, Vibrissae offers up a sonically accomplished and stylistically varied batch of songs that meld or alternate between electronic and synth-based sounds and guitar-driven shoegaze.  Band members … [Read more...]

Politburo – “Barrington Way”

Long-running Manchester, England-based outfit Politburo has been on the music scene since 1999, founded by Nick Alexander (vocals, guitar, tambourine) and Dominic ‘Dom’ James (drums, percussion, keyboards) and currently rounded out with John Loveguns (guitar), Phil Meredith (guitar, keyboards), Steven Joseph (bass), and invited guest Chloé Sancho … [Read more...]

Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate

Micheal Kiwanuka emerged in 2012 in a whirlwind of critical support. He was the winner of the BBC Sound of 2012 poll and garnered a Mercury Award nomination in the UK for best album of the year for his debut Home Again. Introducing Kiwanuka's soul-infused brand of folk music and whilst Home Again was a good album it fell short of expectation. Too … [Read more...]

Rothko – Discover The Lost

Having first emerged in the late-‘90s, as part of the Anglo answer to the American post-rock scene epiphanies from earlier in the decade, Rothko have often been overlooked despite a remarkably prolific work ethic and passing profile leg-ups from Bella Union and Too Pure in 2001/02.  Not as arrogantly ambitious as Mogwai, not as rocking as Billy … [Read more...]

Lovelace – Lands

There isn't and there hasn't ever been a shortage of artists making what is variously described as alt. folk, lo-fi and other variations on the description of music that relies much on its tunefulness and less on its instrumentation. A five-piece, Lovelace are songwriter/guitarist Rebecca Whitbread, bassist Petter Grevelius, drummer Bernie Gardner … [Read more...]

Michael Tanner – Suite For Psaltery And Dulcimer

A son of Dorset, the now Sussex-dwelling Michael Tanner has for over a decade been releasing a steady stream of high quality, emotionally engaging and subtly structured ambient-orientated music. An acoustically-wise soundscape artist, best known under his Plinth guise, he has also periodically shapeshifted into The Cloisters and is a member of the … [Read more...]

American Anymen – “Selectively Stupid”

Brett Sullivan, the founder of the long-running, NYC-based American Anymen, has a lot on his mind and he vehemently shouts it out on new single “Selectively Stupid”.  Including the word “stupid” in a song title is pretty much a giveaway that the artist is going to be railing against something or someone and in the case of Sullivan, he aims his … [Read more...]

Various Artists – They Make No Say: A Polytechnic Youth Records Compilation

Although Polytechnic Youth has become a more expansive enterprise of late - catching-up with label founder Dominic Martin’s already adored sibling-imprints The Great Pop Supplement and Deep Distance - there’s still something indefinably special about the first few ultra-limited lathe-cut vinyl singles that initiated the venture in 2014 and 2015.  … [Read more...]

Eric Anders – Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Eric Anders is a long-serving veteran, as evidenced by his musical history and recent compilation album Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders.  Twelve tracks from Anders’ five previous releases were remastered by Jeff Peters (The Beach Boys, Brian Setzer) for this collection.  Anders is an independent artist … [Read more...]