Bitter’s Kiss – Love Won’t Make You Cry EP

Bitter's Kiss, AKA Chloe Baker

Bitter’s Kiss (AKA Chloe Baker)

Chloe Baker is the young talent behind the moniker Bitter’s Kiss and she is supported by her father, Michael Baker, on various instruments and production.  The New Jersey-based duo released this debut EP, Love Won’t Make You Cry, mid-April after the success of lead single “No One Will”.  Baker’s fanbase continues to grow as she mines her suburban childhood upbringing and experiences for Bitter’s Kiss emotively vulnerable and thoughtful vocals and lyrics.

While Love Won’t Make You Cry is categorized as an EP, it runs 8 songs-long and plays as a cohesive, reflective set of music graced by Baker’s bittersweet vocals and perceptive lyrics.  The style of Bitter’s Kiss mixes engaging indie-pop with shades of downcast electro-noir and warmer alt-folk.  Baker curls her vocals softly and sweetly around her usually melancholic, searching lyrics.  She wistfully sighs through the strummed acoustic guitar jangle on “No One Will”, airily intoning that “No one will step out on me / No one will trample upon me” because she has yet to experience love and (inevitable, in her own mind) heartbreak first-hand.

“The Rope” deals with the serious subject matters of religious repression and suicide and how it’s important make life meaningful in a positive way.  The song’s mood is ruminative and subtly shadowy with ticking percussion and fluidly played, but slightly gritty guitar lines.  Baker sings in a more direct intonation the bleak lyrics, “Do your angels keep you waiting? / How much longer can you cope? / There’s a quicker way to Heaven / If you can find yourself a rope.”

The brighter electro-pop of “Lovin’ Life” turns it all around with Baker declaring, “Can’t stop myself from lovin’ life”, even when she’s expecting the day to go badly.  It’s that irrepressible spirit shining through the mostly ambivalent lyrics that lifts up Bitter’s Kiss from its maudlin thoughts.  Baker is trying to figure out her place in this world and her response is one of determination – to “Get back up” after falling down (from “Too Far Too Fast”).  It’s an important message to impart, that whether young or old, the goal is to remain unbowed to life’s challenges.

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