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The Evening Shades – Alright

There are seven songs on my copy of the first album from The Evening Shades, although there are more than that number of songs to be found in their online music player. This isn't in any sense a complaint - the five additional tracks on the bands site are at least as listenable as those on Alright but for the purposes of this review I've decided to … [Read more...]

Papernut Cambridge – Love The Things Your Lover Loves

Initially created by ex-Thrashing Doves/Death In Vegas member Ian Button, as little more than an amusing conceptual conceit, Papernut Cambridge certainly displayed considerable charm via last year’s covers LP Nutlets 1967-80. Specialising in the lesser-known gems from that imaginative bracket, such as Cockney Rebel's "What Ruthy Said", Jacky’s … [Read more...]

Ships Have Sailed – Whispers EP

L.A.-based indie-pop outfit Ships Have Sailed centers on Will Carpenter (guitar, vocals) and Dan Hange (bass).  They released the EP Someday in 2014, debut album Moodswings in 2015, and the Re:MIX EP which reconfigured songs off Moodswings into a more dance-friendly style.  Now Carpenter and Hange head off in the opposite direction with the low-key … [Read more...]

Tanya Donelly – Swan Song Series

Whether Tanya Donelly’s impending on-stage reunion with cherished early-‘90s quartet Belly will help or hinder the release of this long-in-the-works anthology of her most recent solo work remains to be seen but it certainly helps to explain what she’s been up to musically in the years since 2006’s This Hungry Life LP.  Rounding-up a hefty set of 31 … [Read more...]

Manon Meurt – Manon Meurt EP

The members of Manon Meurt hail from the Czech Republic and they self-released a self-titled debut EP in their native country in 2014.  The EP has not been available internationally but Canada's Label Obscura is remedying the situation by reissuing Manon Meurt in North America as a limited vinyl release and also worldwide in digital … [Read more...]

Future Elevators – self-titled

No one is ever going to say that making relevant, literate and even challenging new electronic-based music is an easy task. As a large number of performers and producers have discovered in the five or so years since Foster The People set a benchmark for modern pop music, all the equipment, the keyboards, the synths and sequencers, the studio time … [Read more...]

Fred Colombo – The Road EP

Fred Colombo is a French-Italian songwriter and musician who has branched out in different directions over the years because of his disparate stylistic influences.  Colombo is known for his compositional and performance contributions to the progressive metal bands Spheric Universe Experience, Artefact, and Ghostfather.  His background, however, is … [Read more...]

Youth Of America – “Navigator” b/w “Night Of The Comet”

As if tireless kaleidoscopic psych-pastoralists Trembling Bells weren’t prolific enough recently - with an album, a mini-LP and Record Store Day 7” released within the last year or so - here comes an alter-ego incarnation of the group too.  With bassist Simon Shaw taking the directorial lead instead of drummer Alex Neilson and singers Lucy Sweet … [Read more...]

Lianne La Havas – Blood

When Prince died on April 21st, he left behind an enormous legacy of influence. Traces of his flamboyant performance, meticulous album-crafting, and dynamic musicality can be found in artists from D’Angelo to Justin Timberlake. But as integral to Prince’s artistic persona was his ability to create mood -- entire albums that felt sexy, wondrous, … [Read more...]

The Loom – Here In The Deadlights

One thing about beginning your album with what may be your strongest song is that it gives the rest of proceedings something to live up to. "Fire Makes" - the first track on what is the newest LP from the Brooklyn folk/rock crossover quartet - is a tremendously effective introduction to The Loom on their third full length release. A swirling, … [Read more...]