Twin Haus – Nothing Lavish


Twin Haus – Nothing Lavish

You definitely need to give it up for Twin Haus.  This second release is both a textbook exercise in post-rock dynamics and a display of some impressively realised and improvisational music; referencing Tortoise, Radiohead, fellow Australians Tame Impala, perhaps some less well known though no less influential other bands. The four-track Nothing Lavish is technically an EP but at just under thirty minutes it actually qualifies as an album in my book, perhaps typical of Twin Haus in so much as the usual rules don’t apply to anything they do, including track lengths and exactly what they do with their instruments.

First track “Synthetic Egg” begins with some cautiously played guitar and background percussion, very controlled and pleasant enough until at around 1.47 the bass kicks in and transforms the track into a bewildering collision of drums, bass and guitars as Twin Haus draw about as much as they can from what isn’t a massively complicated tune, and when at around the halfway mark a saxophone makes its presence known it’s just a matter of appreciating what skill Twin Haus possess as the track progresses to its chaotic, brass and bass conclusion. At just over nine minutes in total, it’s something of a masterpiece by anyone’s standards.

Second track “Self Love” is somewhat less involved, at only just two minutes of squalling synth and what it seems is Twin Haus’s trademark overdriven drum and bass dynamics. You get the idea that this could have been a longer number much like its predecessor. Third track “I Used To Think” is the most conventional of the four parts of Nothing Lavish and the track where the Radiohead influence is more noticeable although it’s entirely Twin Haus’s song, only slightly less relying on that powerhouse rhythm section to make the song work.

Lastly, “The Revue” runs for over eleven minutes and begins with things taken at a lighter pace, although after around two minutes Twin Haus up the pace yet again and then start experimenting with the tune and timings in a way that I haven’t really heard for a while, or if there are a lot of other bands making similarly intricate and developed musical statements then their releases aren’t reaching me. Whilst I’ve heard a few bands making similar music recently none of those have taken things quite so far down the improvisation route as Twin Haus. Nothing Lavish is certainly the longest EP I can remember hearing for quite some time, and a highly impressive thirty minutes it is.

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