The Assistant – “Gristleizer” b/w “Nothing On” 12″

The Assistant - "Gristleizer" b/w "Nothing On" 12"

The Assistant – “Gristleizer” b/w “Nothing On” 12″

Having already made a great introduction for The Assistant, with the 125-copy 5” Ways Of Seeing EP on Polytechnic Youth earlier this year and basking in the afterglow of his still-fresh debut LP – entitled One – with Rhododendron on Deep Distance, Oliver Cherer has wasted little time in slipping out an additional slice of vinyl from the former alias on the same label.  In a way this new 300-only 12” is an impeccable bridge between both recent releases.  Fusing as it does the embryonic late-‘70s/early-‘80s electronic explorations of Ways Of Seeing with the lateral grooves of One, into something distinctively alluring and ominously mesmeric.

A-side “Gristleizer” is certainly a leap away from the more playful BBC Radiophonic Orchestra stylings of The Assistant’s first release.  Combining shadowy mechanised-voodoo percussion with swarming insect synth sounds, there are strong echoes of the industrial clank of Throbbing Gristle and the sci-fi horror scores of John Carpenter films in the track’s hypnotic entrancement.  Equally as good is the lengthier flipside of “Nothing On”, which begins its ten minutes with a sparse pulsing motorik beat and eerily-manipulated sampled vocals, before building-up into a soaring spread of subtly burbling analogue electronics and meticulous drum machine layers that seem ripe for soundtracking a quasi-futuristic ride through the deepest tunnels of a subterranean moonbase.

It’s all head-spinningly addictive stuff in short.  Reportedly, this is just the tip of a bigger album-sized iceberg of likeminded recordings from The Assistant, which will hopefully also be cut to vinyl if the transistors and pressing plants align.  In the interim though, this is both yet another must-collect nugget from the increasingly peerless Polytechnic Youth label and a further high-grade gem for Oliver Cherer’s growing genre-hopping arsenal.

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