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Guy Grogan – Dynamite Bouquet

Prolific DIY singer-songwriter Guy Grogan hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico and he’s self-released and produced nine albums since he started his music career in 2010.  In that short time span he’s worked feverishly at his craft, sometimes releasing two albums in one year (like 2015’s Camouflage For Fire and Dandelion Give Away).  Grogan’s self-made … [Read more...]

Miracle Legion – Portrait Of A Damaged Family (vinyl reissue)

For too long the story of Miracle Legion - the Connecticut-born outfit co-led between 1983 and 1996 by Mark Mulcahy and Ray Neal - has been recounted far too indirectly. Obscured by record label woes, due to the early-‘90s collapse of Rough Trade Records and the litigiousness of Morgan Creek Records, the biggest tragedy of Miracle Legion’s … [Read more...]

Ramsey – “2am”

L.A.-installed electronic-pop artist Ramsey is a rising star, stirring up the blogosphere and racking up a huge number of visits to her SoundCloud profile, amassing critical and fan praise alike.  Her first salvo was the rivetingly raw and mysteriously menacing “See You Bleed” and now Ramsey returns in the same spirit with the potently ominous … [Read more...]

Yeti Lane – L’Aurore

Whilst Sonic Cathedral’s operations have been dominated by the young and hungry output of Spectres and The Vacant Lots lately, the label hasn’t forgotten the artists that fuelled earlier release schedules. Hence, when French duo Yeti Lane completed a long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s The Echo Show, Sonic Cathedral was fully-primed to deliver the … [Read more...]

Spectres – Dead

Having already been trailed with a 2-track 12” in the autumn, now we finally get to hear the full fruits of Spectres inviting forefathers, fans and fellow-travellers to decapitate and drag last year’s debut Dying album into the ghoulish afterlife that is Dead. It almost goes without saying that as remix albums go this is far from being a … [Read more...]

Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld – Nerissimo

I could write a very lengthy introduction to this album, providing a background for the two musicians whose work it is. One of them a Berlin-born alternative musician whose work includes fronting the band Einstürzende Neubaten and playing guitar as one of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds. The other is an award-winning film and theatre composer, whose musical … [Read more...]

Rhododendron – One

Since parking his Dollboy alias in 2014, Oliver Cherer has hit a potent purple patch; via his solo-trading pastoralism, within the multi-headed Silver Servants, inside the motorik diversions of The Wrestler, through the electro-primitivism of The Assistant and - most strikingly - with the far from flowery Rhododendron. Initially conceived as a … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Delta Will, Port Of Est., Ramsey, & FLAUNT)

Delta Will – “A Dream” The electro-saturated psych-rock band Delta Will hails from Toronto, Ontario and its debut album, Weathering, is slated to drop on March 18th. Band members Charles Tilden (vocals, guitars, samples, drum machine), Milan Schramek (bass, guitar, vocals), Brandon Johns (keyboards, synths, bass), and Lowell Whitty (drums) have … [Read more...]

Elevant – There Is A Tide

First track "I'm Only Falling Apart" crashes out of the speakers like a suddenly opened and over-full cupboard of objects that make loud noises when they land on the floor - unspecified metal implements, half a dozen skateboards, unstrung guitars and skinless drum parts. On their third album, Elevant have much in the way of gained experience to … [Read more...]

The Hanging Stars – Over The Silvery Lake

Having warmed our ears up with two sought-after seven-inch releases during last year on The Great Pop Supplement, The Hanging Stars now come to us with their first full-length album statement. All the component parts of the aforementioned singles are here again - with three songs carried-over and the same sonic compost mulched-down as well as … [Read more...]