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Bert Jansch – Avocet (reissue)

Whilst better known entries from Bert Jansch’s catalogue continue to reappear yet again in remastered batches elsewhere, Earth Recordings have preferred to refurbish the late legend’s lesser-known LPs in glorious and spaced-apart isolation. So after distinctive reissues of 1996’s sparse on-stage document Live At The 12 Bar and 1972’s multifaceted … [Read more...]

Dan Lipton – Breathing In

Singer-songwriter Dan Lipton is a wandering soul in tune with the meandering nature of his Americana wares, or maybe it’s vice versa. Lipton began his musical career in the band Dreaming Isabelle, and then struck out on a solo journey that had him traversing the Eastern half of the U.S., with stops in Charlottesville, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and finally … [Read more...]

Lush – “Out Of Control”

Lush was/is considered one of the originators of the guitar-driven ‘shoegaze’ genre, so-named by the UK music press in the early 1990s because many a guitarist was seen staring down at the FX pedals during performances. The term ‘shoegaze’ was a diss at the time, but it has since climbed ever upward in esteem. Shoegaze is now considered an … [Read more...]

Metamono – Creative Listening

Having upheld their uncompromising all-analogue manifesto so unwaveringly through every last whirring and squelching sound on 2013’s dizzying debut double-LP, With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics, it’s perhaps no wonder that it’s taken Metamono a while to cut a follow-up. Yet rather than return with more of the same, only louder and faster, Jono … [Read more...]

Lake Ruth – “The Inconsolable Jean-Claude” b/w “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” 7″

Having just celebrated back catalogue connections with another choice 7” release from Dean & Britta, The Great Pop Supplement’s focus shifts back to gently pushing a new fledgling outfit out into the world. Not that Lake Ruth are an entirely wet behind the ears enterprise. Being a super-group of sorts; the trio of vocalist Allison Brice (The … [Read more...]

Andy Ferro – Muirhead

Listening to the seven songs on Andy Ferro's first solo release, it occurred to me that I hadn't heard an album that was entirely the work of a singer-songwriter for quite a while. Certainly, I haven't heard one that's quite as consistently listenable and appreciable as Muirhead is for the sometime Ranch Ghost guitarist, now striding out on his own … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#47 (Noveller’s Sarah Lipstate on The Ascension)

Noveller’s Sarah Lipstate on… Glenn Branca’s The Ascension (99 Records, 1981) I discovered Glenn Branca when I was 19, the same year that I discovered guitar effects pedals.  Sonic Youth and no wave bands such as Teenage Jesus And The Jerks and The Contortions got me through my senior year of high school and influenced my earliest years of … [Read more...]

John Helix – Tune Out, Turn Off, Disconnect

San Diego, CA-based singer-songwriter John Helix is a troubadour whose songs alternate between low-key piano ballads or acoustic guitar pieces and fuller affairs with additional synths and orchestral accents. Since his debut in 2014 with the 11-song I Fell in Love with a Memory, he’s delivered one album per year, with Chronic Happiness dropping in … [Read more...]

Shearwater – Jet Plane And Oxbow

Although no stranger to 1980s influences, with his deep love of Talk Talk (as declared eloquently on these very pages in fact), Jonathan Meiburg has never fully co-opted the aesthetics of the said decade. Perhaps encouraged by the positive rehabilitation of previously maligned period production values and stylistic shticks by the likes of The War … [Read more...]

Bryan Deister – Spines Of The Heart

Experimental electronica and avant-rock purveyor Bryan Deister does it all on his 23-track, 2-disc opus Spines Of The Heart - from the music, lyrics, and vocals to the recording, mixing, and album artwork. The only outside assistance came from Bernie Grundman who mastered the platter. Spines Of The Heart made its debut in late December 2015 as a … [Read more...]