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Tortoise – The Catastrophist

At this stage in their quarter-century or so long career, you could forgive Tortoise a little predictability. Having forged a string of the most enduring albums to have emanated from the Chicago post-rock scene in the early-‘90s, you could understand a little auto-piloting at this juncture. Certainly, if you just judged the record by its cover, … [Read more...]

Owen Tromans – Winter Tape EP

Although it’s been said before, short-form gatherings undoubtedly do bring out the best in the on/off/on recording career of Owen Tromans. Following on from 2015’s more amplified, spikier and ensemble-driven limited lathe-cut 7”-and-digital package release comes this five-track cassette-and-download EP to remind us of his warmest and most inventive … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Ideomotor, Chrystyna Marie, Daniel Grinberg & Stormy Mondays)

Ideomotor – “Away From Here” Erkka Wennonen and Kimmo Myllyviita are two friends from Finland who struck upon the idea of collaborating musically only once Myllyviita had moved away to Switzerland. There came a point when they realized that they had shared musical interests and ideas and they decided to craft material together, but from a … [Read more...]

Kristina Pulejkova & Glen Johnson – My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

Having hidden out of earshot for most of 2015, the mercurial Glen Johnson seems set to have a far more audible presence over the coming twelve or so months. With one - supposedly at least - final encore-like long-player heading-up Piano Magic on the forward schedule alongside a cluster of still secrecy-shrouded solo and/or collaborative releases, … [Read more...]

Dean & Britta – “Don‘t Think Twice, It‘s Alright” b/w “Hey Paula” 7″

Having successfully toured as 50% of a reunited Luna and released an ear-catching soundtrack to Noah Baumbach’s charming Mistress America film in 2015, Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips return again already with another off-piste 7” for The Great Pop Supplement. Comfortably fitting in with their strong tradition, as a duo and with Luna, in diverting … [Read more...]

Owls Are Not – 2

Listening to the five tracks on 2, the second release from the Warsaw, Poland based Owls Are Not, I had a definite sensation of déjà vu. The frantic synth squalls, the virulent drumming, the random vocal and other samples and the actual tunes, all of it sounded distantly familiar, the various elements that make up the Owls Are Not sound each … [Read more...]

Interview with Scott Schaafsma (Kerosene Stars)

Hello Scott. It’s good to touch base with you about your band, Kerosene Stars, and your latest EP, Burn The Evidence, which is coming out this month. How are all the preparations going for the EP’s release? Hey - thanks for having us. We are running around trying to get all the promo and such in place in order to ensure we have a good turnout … [Read more...]

Pete Astor – Spilt Milk

Having satisfyingly rejuvenated his formative role as a singing songwriter with 2011’s astutely ornate and somewhat overlooked solo Songbox album on Second Language - after a decade or so devoting the bulk of his creative time to The Wisdom Of Harry’s experimentalist art-pop and Ellis Island Sound’s largely wordless shape-shifting exotica - Pete … [Read more...]

Short Takes (On Dead Waves, Nick Urb, Temporary Hero & Jack the Radio)

On Dead Waves - “Blackbird” Singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood has united with her friend James Chapman (AKA electronica practitioner MAPS), for the new musical venture of On Dead Waves. Scattergood and Chapman have unveiled the (dis)quietly and hypnotically mesmerizing “Blackbird” (and its video) from their upcoming album slated for release … [Read more...]

Interview with Louise Le May

Imagine a world in which Kate Bush had arrived as a fully-fledged grown-up. Okay, very much said in context, that. I mean, without all the embarrassing spandex clad hippy dance moves and a tad less of the middle-class twirly-girl precocity. Just the imaginative sweep, the melodic sensibility and the wonderful compositional talent, instead. Well, … [Read more...]