We Mythical Kings – Visitations

We Mythical Kings - Visitations

We Mythical Kings – Visitations

With the geopolitical grimness of the 2010s echoing the mid-‘70s to mid-‘80s, it’s perhaps no surprise that the darker experimental sounds of said timeframe are also reverberating in the musical world.  Not just as art-imitating-life dystopian soundtracks but also as dream-like imaginings of more sophisticated peaceful futures.  This year such sonics have notably reared up on P60’s marvellous Models LP for Second Language, amongst the more lambent kosmische trips on Deep Distance, via the minimal-wave outings from Polytechnic Youth and across Noveller’s elegiac exploratory Fantastic Planet.  Now arrives the deceptively-anointed We Mythical Kings to put more crowns into the same ring.

The first fruits from the conjoining of extant Little Crackd Rabbit signing P.J. Phillipson (whose Peaks album was a highlight for the Little Red Rabbit sibling-imprint in 2014) and Raz Ullah (who has recorded as Art Of Memory Palace for Static Caravan), this We Mythical Kings debut is supposedly inspired by the remote landscapes of The Isle Of Mull (where the record was initially constructed) yet it feels far closer to being a lost post-apocalypse-meets-post-alien-invasion film score.

We Mythical Kings - Visitations (CD unpacked)

We Mythical Kings – Visitations (CD unpacked)

Through semi-improvised and heavily-manipulated combinations of eerie found sounds and disembodied vocal samples, elemental fizzing synths, disconcerting drones, rippling reverb and delay drenched electric guitar layers and flickering acoustic instrumentation towards its very end, Visitations unfolds like a psycho-geographical journey through subterranean tunnelling, above ground ghosts-in-the-machine encounters and eventual rural escape.  Picking-out individual pieces of the trek does the record a disservice when it all flows together with an intrepid narrative interconnectedness.

It’s largely bleak and decidedly dank yet strangely transfixing stuff.  Fans of the Berlin School of analogue electronics, The Durutti Column, The BBC Radiophonic Orchestra, Cocteau Twins, Fripp & Eno and indeed Phillipson’s own Peaks long-player should though take this to their ears for strictly nocturnal airings.

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