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Matt Berry And The Maypoles – Live

Although better known for his imaginative surrealist TV comedy roles in the likes of Toast Of London, Snuff Box, The IT Crowd and the hugely underrated Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Matt Berry has also carved-out a parallel niche for his musical explorations.  Although still liberally-laced with his peculiarly English eccentricity, for the most part … [Read more...]

Elvis Costello – Unfaithful Music (compilation)

Released to coincide with a self-authored biography of his life and music, thirty-eight tracks seems insufficient when the now approaching four-decade career of Elvis Costello is the matter under discussion. It's easy to know where to begin, in 1977, when with his then backing band The Attractions, a bespectacled and nervously energetic Buddy Holly … [Read more...]

Louise Le May – A Tale Untold

Back in the good old days (yeah, right) if you hadn’t made some kind of musical splash by the grand old age of, say, twenty-five, it was widely accepted that taking your Dad’s well-meant advice and finally knuckling down to your Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries day-job was probably a wise move. Speaking as one who didn’t get signed by a … [Read more...]

Rob Williams – Southern FM

Virginia-raised Americana singer-songwriter Rob Williams was the frontman of the rock ‘n’ roll band Joe Buck Jr. for a decade before he decided to go solo, delivering his debut album A Place In The Sun in 2013.  Rob is now ready to release his follow-up titled Southern FM this December.  Trading in the comfort and familiarity of his homebase of … [Read more...]

Earth Recordings: Bert Jansch, Judy Dyble & Tariverdiev

Since tentative beginnings at the start of 2014 with a bare-but-warm vinyl reissue of Jackson C. Frank’s eponymous 1965 LP, the London-based Earth Recordings has fast become a go-to archival enterprise with its increasingly close-to-essential spread of releases. Co-founded by Fire Records’ latter-day main-man James Nicholls, designer Alex Hornsby … [Read more...]

Wreckless Eric – amERICa

Having redemptively resurrected the bulk of Eric Goulden’s post-Stiff Records canon - through reissues of his two LPs with The Len Bright Combo and three under his Wreckless nom de plume - Fire Records now releases the first new Wreckless Eric full-length in a decade or so.  As the typographically-punning title suggests, amERICa is a … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Sidewave, Sheer, Jas Patrick & SO)

Sidewave – “Supersonic” and “Romance Is Dead” LA-based space-rock band Sidewave released its debut 12-track opus, Glass Giant, this past October and it’s a massively textured and dreamily transportive disc that rides high on seismic waves of guitar distortion and drum tumult.  Phil Golyshko (vocals, guitar), William Collins (guitar, synths), … [Read more...]

Bloodhounds On My Trail – Escape II

Is it 'ii' or 'II' or actually the number 2, or do the symbols that are part of the title of this EP (or mini-album) contain some other hidden meanings? Perhaps they do. The first release from this Australian quartet certainly contains more than is obvious at a first listen, aside from the layered guitars and purposeful rhythms that are present on … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts – Manhattan

Although this is his first proper LP on Rough Trade Records since 2011’s overlooked A Turn In The Dream-Songs, Jeffrey Lewis has been far from idle; continuing his interlinked career as a cartoonist, collaborating with ex-Holy Modal Rounders ringleader Peter Stampfel, cutting a standalone single in tribute to the political travails of Pussy Riot, … [Read more...]

New EP from Steve Benjamins

Down-tempo singer-songwriter has recently released his EP, Sightlines, his third recording in just over two years.  The Toronto-based musician plays almost all of the instruments on the album (piano, guitar, synths, drums, bass) and is the sole songwriter.  There is a gentle ebb and flow to his songs and a warm, understated appeal. Check out the … [Read more...]