New Kung Fu Jesus album


Scottish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Craig Snape, AKA, Kung Fu Jesus, crafts lyrically-aware, trance-inducing electro-pop/alt-rock tunes that are featured on his recently released album Celestial Gold.  Having already been featured in Emmy award winning documentaries and gotten radio play on the BBC among others, Kung Fu Jesus is clearly the real deal. A prolific writer who fuses classic rock n roll with world rhythms and Beach Boys-inspired harmonies, combined with prophetic lyrics covering social injustice, the field of love and spiritual ideology.

Deeply spiritual and kind of ethereal, there is a sense of fun behind the funky madness that defines this music that will get fans of all ages dancing along in glee.  As the pensive lyrics show though, there is more to this band than just joyful grooves.  His main goals are the expression of self through sound, seeking the truth, exposing the global elite, and waking people up from their artificially induced hypnotic trance.

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