Lyndzie Taylor – Phoenix

Lyndzie Taylor - Phoenix

Lyndzie Taylor – Phoenix

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Lyndzie Taylor already has 3 EPs (one of which was released when she was still a teenager) and an album to her name and she’s now set dominate the indie-pop field with her second full-length titled Phoenix.  While only a mere five songs long, Phoenix is chock full of energetic and reflective numbers that revel in catchy choruses, indie rock guitar hooks, sharp dancefloor beats, and Lyndzie’s direct emotive vocals and insightful lyrics.  She’s been creating music and performing onstage since she was fourteen and credits rock icons like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar as influencers on her sound.

Lyndzie starts strongly out of the gate with “What Do I Know”, a hard-hitting tune that simmers with distorted guitar growls, grimy electro-notes, and a sharply clacking beat.  Lyndzie’s vocals and astute lyrics are displayed front ‘n’ center as she boldly and clearly declares “If there’s one thing I’ve learned that is true / It’s that… you can’t rely on anyone but you.”  It’s a knowing statement and one that Lyndzie most likely lives by.  The electro-ballad “Supernatural” has Lyndzie sounding like the top pop stars in the charts as she wends her way through a skittering percussive thicket, liquidy to lightly scraped acoustic guitar lines, and breathy backing vocals.  Among buzzing electronics she exclaims passionately on the chorus “Can’t you see that this is poetry in motion? / I don’t know what force I’m feelin’…”

Lyndzie again competes with the alt-country queens on the polished ballad “Rain”.  The low-key verses are awash in light bell-tones, drifting electric guitar lines, and ticking tocking beats.  Lyndize pushes out her vocals in a forthright manner and then increases her intensity on the chorus.  Short, sizzling jags of guitar and fizzing extended synth lines reinforce the power of Lyndzie’s vocals as she acrobatically moves through her good advice of “It’s easy to feel like you’re moving a mountain / But you’re barely making a wave / Gotta be brave when storms come your way…”  Lyndzie melds rough rock guitar lines with solid dance beats, on “Let’s Get Loud”, letting loose with her vigorous, short-phrase exclamations of “Let’s be free / Let’s be wild / Yeah, you know what I mean!”  Her robust vocals and uninhibited attitude reign over the simplified lyrics and instrumentation which includes roiling guitar lines and a hard clapping-to-thumping beat.

Album-ender “Phoenix” pauses for a moment of rest at its start, at least sonically, as Lyndzie shows off her more vulnerable, yet still steely side.  Mellow acoustic guitar strum, light bell tings, and soft syncopation create a relaxed bed for Lyndzie’s vocals to lay upon – except that she is still in emotional turmoil.  Someone has done her wrong (“…all the hope you tried to take.”), but amid a searing guitar line on the chorus she proclaims with a plaintive fierceness that “Like a phoenix from the ashes / I will rise… / A fire in the dead of night / I’ll burn the darkness down.”  And that’s exactly what she accomplishes on this album.

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