Lush reunite

Emma, Phil, and Miki of Lush

Emma, Phil, and Miki of Lush

It’s been almost 20 years since Lush, one of the original shoegaze groups of the 1990s UK music scene, split after the tragic passing of drummer Chris Acland.  Now Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, and Phil King are back as Lush, with plans to release a box set featuring most of the band’s recorded output and an upcoming performance at the Roundhouse in London on May 6th, 2016.  Lush is one of several seminal shoegaze-era outfits to have reformed in recent years, following on from My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, and Swervedriver.

Miki, Emma, and Phil released this statement on September 28th over at their official Facebook site:

“We’ve been away for ages and ages, but we’re really excited to announce that we’re finally ready to reform as Lush. For all the fans who have been pestering us to do this: thanks so much for your patience and support! We wish it could have been sooner but, for many years, it was just too painful to contemplate without Chris, and then all kinds of life-changing commitments made it impossible. Now, at last, the three of us are in the right place at the right time to play music together again.

To celebrate our return, 4AD will be putting out a vinyl edition of our ‘best of’ compilation Ciao! (limited copies will be coloured red) and a box set of (very nearly) everything we ever released along with a selection of rarities, sessions and demos. We’ll be playing the Roundhouse in London on 6 May 2016 – tickets will go on sale at 9am on 30 September – so you’ve got plenty of time to regrow your shoey fringe. Chris’s old friend from back in the day, Justin Welch (Elastica), will be on drums. There’s more information to come, so please keep in touch…

Lots of love, Miki, Emma and Phil”

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